Swimming Pool Leak Detection

We have rough winters when it comes to freezing of underground lines which is harsh on swimming pool plumbing.

As you know swimming pool plumbing repairs can be very expensive, time consuming and damaging to concrete and landscaping.

Let Plummer Enterprises help! We not only have a camera that can view as little as 1 ½” lines to determine where the leak is. We also have the technology to repair the leak without digging. (most instances) We can repair 1 ½” and 2’ lines and larger .

We are currently working with many pool companies and homeowners directly to repair skimmer and drain lines using these less abrasive methods.


Common Signs of Swimming Pool Leaks:

  • Visible cracks
  • Air in the lines
  • Losing prime
  • Area around pools is sinking or lifting
  • Continuously have to add water
  • Water bubbling out near pool

Common Reasons of Swimming Pool Leaks:

  • Bad gaskets in filtration
  • Bad seals in filtration
  • Crack in underground plumbing
  • Cracks in skimmer
  • Cracks in return fittings

Swimming Pool Heaters

In Northwest Ohio a swimming pool heater extends your season. We install brand new pool heaters. We will also repair your swimming pool heater.

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