Grease & Other Interceptor Installation

Interceptors are required to prevent the introduction of substances that can cause drainage and treatment problems from entering the municipal system. Plummer Enterprises has experienced technicians to diagnose, recommend, and facilitate solutions to Interceptor related problems.

Grease Traps:

Installation and maintenance are critical when it comes to Grease Traps. Plummer Enterprises can identify and remedy any problems that may arise from reconfiguration to maintenance programs.

Sand Traps:

Area drains, carwashes, dock drains, etc., should drain into a sand trap. Solids are distributed to the bottom of the trap while the liquid will flow off at the top. We at Plummer Enterprises understand the configuration and operation of these traps and provide you with service requirements you will need to keep them functioning properly.

Oil Interceptors:

Oil like grease will rise to the top of water and therefore the traps are designed to take the water away from the middle of the trap to leave the oil floating and the solids at the bottom. These traps are used in garages and manufacturing facilities. Plummer Enterprises has experience with these systems and can make the necessary repairs and maintenance recommendations to keep them operating properly.

Lint Traps:

Commercial laundries and Laundry Mats must have some type of Lint Interceptor to prevent the debris from reaching the city sewer. Maintaining and cleaning of the trap and drain line is essential to good operation. Plummer Enterprises can design a program to maintain your trap in good working order.

Monitoring Stations:

Many municipalities are now requiring monitoring wells on the down stream side of an Interceptor. Proper maintenance and installation of these monitoring wells is just as important as the maintenance of the Interceptor. High reading or false high reading from dirty wells can produce expensive citations. Plummer Enterprises wants to minimize your exposure by putting together a program to maintain your Interceptor and Monitoring Station needs.

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